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Our Products

Below is is a complete list of our products.  To purchase a product(s), call 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday: 785-823-8787.  Thank you.


Natural S'Wheat White Wheat Berries

Details: White Wheat Berries are triple-cleaned whole kernels of hard white wheat, specially chosen for their bread baking characteristics. These berries can be used whole in many recipes or are perfect for home grinding. You'll enjoy baking with freshly milled flour! You'll be surprised at the difference in your baked goods!


Natural S'Wheat Whole White Wheat Flour

Details: Whole wheat flour from hard white wheat is flavor rich and naturally sweet. Hard white wheat is golden amber in color and produces light colored foods as compared to its red wheat cousins. When used in baked goods such as breads, tortillas, or pizza crust, Natural s'Wheat Whole White Wheat Flour will let you benefit from the healthy goodness of wheat fiber, while savoring a mild, non-bitter flavor. Key Benefits: Naturally sweet, Mild and non-bitter flavor, Lighter, golden color in baked goods, and healthy goodness of wheat fiber. Available in 5 lb and 50 lb bags.


Prairie Select Traditional Whole Wheat Flour

Details: Available in a 50 lb bag.


Farmers Best Handcrafters Flour

Details: Farmers Best Handcrafters Flour produces a unique artisan style bread that is rich in flavor and has a rich creamy color with sweet flavor tones. This superior flour is milled exclusively from hard white wheat grown by our farmer members. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful tasting open texture breads you will bring to your family and friends. Try this for an experience you can get no other place. Because this is a premium flour it is going to absorb more water. You'll be surprised at how well the dough handles and its workability. You may even want to extend the rise time or maybe even cycle an extra rise/"punch down" time to enhance the flavor. Available in 5 lb and 50 lb bags.