About Farmer direct foods

At Farmer Direct Foods, our founding vision was rooted in doing what’s right for the soil, our growers, and our consumers. Join the movement and taste the difference.

Our Difference Makes All the Difference

Flour and its production have come a long way. But as modern farming practices have evolved, certain things have suffered. Nutritional value decreased, soil quality and productivity declined, the need for fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides increased, and consumers settled for convenience over quality.

We believe there’s a better solution. Our unique focus on whole grains and regenerative farming techniques are sustainable, eco-friendly, and help reverse climate change. Our dedication results in whole-grain flours that are richer in nutrients and baked goods that are healthier for everyone. And everything made with our flour just tastes better.

We are also committed to becoming a valued ESG resource for retail bakeries and baking suppliers who desire to elevate their products with whole-grain flour that makes a delicious difference in their bottom lines and in their customers’ satisfaction and health.

Why farmer direct foods?


Milled and sold with integrity, our products can be traced directly back to our farmers’ ancestral wheat fields.


A favorite of artisan bakers, our premium flours are held to the highest standards and produce consistent, delicious results.

Whole Wheat

Our whole wheat flours are stone-ground to preserve the natural vitamins and minerals that the whole grain provides.


Our network of farmers on the fertile plains of Kansas take pride in growing wheat the way it should be grown.


Our wheat fields save about 40 million gallons of water annually – over 200 gallons an acre per crop year.

Farmer Direct Foods is more than an advocate of regenerative agriculture. We are passionately convinced it is vital to reversing climate change, rebuilding our soil’s organic matter, and restoring its biodiversity, reducing our carbon footprint, and improving the water cycle. It’s responsible. It’s possible. And you can help us do it.

Supporting Farmers

We are supporting a group of Kansas farmers who are growing wheat the way it’s supposed to be grown – just like their families before them.

With a deeply ingrained respect for the land their ancestors settled, our second and third-generation farmers have a strong sense of responsibility and pride in the crops they grow. Farmer Direct Foods is honored to partner with these stewards and foster greater crop productivity that benefits the growers, the consumers, and, more importantly, our earth.

Identity Assurance

When we say our wheat is locally-sourced, we mean it. In fact, we can tell you exactly which farm it came from.

Quality doesn’t just happen. It’s nurtured, encouraged, and meticulously pursued. Our patented “Identity Assurance™” process enables us to track our wheat from beginning-to-end to, ensuring product quality never wavers. 

1% for the Planet

It’s more than just products that taste good. It’s about doing good.

Farmer Direct Foods support organizations like The Land Institute, which works to develop alternatives to current destructive agricultural practices, and Cat’s Cupboard, which provides immediate access to food and personal hygiene products at no cost to the K-State community.

Our wheat fields save about 40 million gallons of water annually, over 200 gallons an acre per crop year.