MEET Our Farmers

Our Kansas farmers are committed to improving soil health, conserving water, and fighting climate change through regenerative agriculture. With an eye toward the future, they’re answering the call to produce more nutrient-dense flour – just like their families before them.

Get to know the faces that make your flour

We’d like to introduce you to the dedicated farmers who grow the wheat and grain used in Farmer Direct Foods flours. Their efforts ensure the flour in your favorite recipes is of the highest quality and flavor, grown with a commitment to preserving our planet.

The Bleumers

The Bleumer Family

Ingalls, Kansas

The Bleumers are a dedicated farming family who contribute to Farmer Direct Foods’ supply of quality wheat and grain. Farming is not just a business for them, but a cherished way of life that is deeply intertwined with their values and heritage. 

Their commitment to excellence in agriculture is evident in their sustainable practices and attention to detail in every aspect of their work. As part of the Farmer Direct Foods family, they take pride in nurturing the land and producing grains that nourish households far and wide.

The Griffith Family


The Griffith family has been farming near Wakeeney, Kansas since 1878, making farming both a legacy and a livelihood for them. John Griffith’s deep connection with Farmer Direct Foods is rooted in his family’s pioneering efforts, including their role in founding the American White Wheat Producers Association. 

John continues this tradition of excellence, growing wheat with the knowledge that it will directly reach families’ tables as flour. The Griffiths are champions of regenerative farming, having long embraced terraces and no-till practices to support sustainability. Their unwavering belief in these practices helps maintain the health of the global food system.

The Griffiths
The Haselhorsts

The Haselhorst Family

Gorham, Kansas

Dean Haselhorst and his family operate their farm near Gorham, Kansas, where they contribute high-quality wheat to Farmer Direct Foods. Dean was an original member of the Farmer Direct Foods co-op, and his dedication to sustainable farming practices is a testament to his commitment to the land and community. 

The Haselhorsts take pride in cultivating wheat with care, ensuring that their efforts produce top-notch flour for artisan bakers and home cooks alike. Their hard work and passion for farming make them a valuable part of the Farmer Direct Foods family.

The Mai Family

Sharon SpringS, Kansas

Bill Mai and his son Carl, along with their family, grow wheat for Farmer Direct Foods in Sharon Springs, Kansas. Their farm’s three-year rotation system allows the soil to naturally recover, enhancing sustainability and crop health. 

Concerned about water conservation, the Mais family transitioned to dry-land farming, a bold move that has proven successful in Western Kansas’s arid climate. Their commitment to sustainable practices helps maintain the health of their fields and ensures the production of high-quality wheat.

The Mais
The Nelsons

The Nelson Family

Clay Center, Kansas

The Nelson family is deeply rooted in the wheat industry, with Doug and Dana continuing their family’s farming legacy in the Manhattan and Clay Center areas of Kansas. 

Doug brings a lifelong passion for cultivating and harvesting the finest grains, while Dana contributes a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations. With Dana’s strong family ties to the wheat industry, the Nelsons provide you with the highest quality wheat, rye, and other grains. Their combined expertise and dedication make them integral to Farmer Direct Foods’ commitment to excellence.

The Suppes Family

Dighton, Kansas

Ron and Shirley Suppes, along with their son Shayne and nephew Jace Gibbs, manage a successful family farming operation across three counties in western Kansas. They specialize in producing high-quality hard white winter wheat across approximately 12,000 acres. 

The Suppes family brings a wealth of experience and dedication to Farmer Direct Foods, ensuring that the grains they cultivate meet the highest standards. Their focus on sustainable farming practices and commitment to quality make them a crucial part of Farmer Direct Foods’ success.

The Suppes