Naturally Good.

Right From the Start.

Regeneratively-grown, artisan flours that are better for consumers, farmers, and the earth.

WHY Regenerative FLOUR?

Throughout human history, wheat has been ground into flour to nourish the body and satisfy the soul. Somewhere along this journey, the common-sense fundamentals of farming and processing this essential ingredient were lost to industrialization — compromising nutrition, taste, and the land for convenience. But we don’t have to accept a future of efficient-yet-deficient flour. 

Our Three farmer Directives

Better For You

Our products are minimally processed to preserve the natural nutrition and taste of the grain.

Better For Farmers

Our farmers deliver premium work, so we deliver premium pay and re-invest in American farms.

Better For The Earth

Our wheat is regeneratively farmed to reduce carbon emissions, improve soil health, and conserve water.

Healthy Whole Wheat Flour

Our whole wheat flours are stone-ground to preserve the crucial vitamins and minerals that the whole grain provides. Milled and sold with integrity, our flours can be traced directly back to our farmers’ ancestral wheat fields.

Regenerative First™

Our founding vision is rooted in doing what’s right for the soil, our growers, and our consumers. Our regenerative approach starts with minimal tilling, crop rotation, and dry farming – processes that reduce our water usage and carbon footprint while preserving the health of our soil.

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naturally good. right from the start.TM