Regenerative First™

Our wheat is regeneratively farmed by our grower network to reduce carbon emissions, improve soil health, and conserve water.

a wheat renaissance

At Farmer Direct Foods, our founding vision was rooted in doing what’s right for the soil, our growers, and our consumers. That starts with minimal tilling, crop rotation, and dry farming – processes that reduce our water usage and carbon footprint while preserving the health of our soil.

We started with a focus on introducing Kansas grown white wheat to bakers. Today, we’ve grown into a leading producer of whole grain, stone-ground, and high-protein flour that meets the exacting standards of artisan bakers while practicing regenerative economics. We pay a premium to our farmers for our Identity Assured™ wheat and share a portion of our profits.

It’s an ecosystem envisioned by our founders. We’re proud to continue the tradition and to deliver the world’s best flour direct from our farmers to your table.


Our approach starts with minimal tilling, crop rotation and dry farming — processes that reduce our water usage and carbon footprint while preserving the health of our soil.

“King Arthur Baking Company has been a proud partner of Farmer Direct Foods for over 20 years. Farmer Direct’s commitment to raise awareness of and expand regenerative farming practices in Kansas represents a critical step towards a more resilient and ecologically sound future. At King Arthur, we intend to lead in regenerative agriculture with the goal of having 100% of our flour milled from regeneratively grown wheat. The shared commitment of partners like Farmer Direct is essential in achieving our goals.”

Suzanne McDowell
Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
King Arthur Baking Company