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With an unwavering commitment to transparency, traceability, and environmentally-conscious farming practices, we bring you flour that not only meets your exacting standards

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Farmer Direct Foods is your source for premium bulk flour that will elevate your operation. Whether you’re managing a bakery, crafting pizzas, or perfecting tortillas, our high-quality flour is designed to meet your needs. It’s more than just flour – it’s a testament to our partnership with American farmers and their top-grade grains.

With a strong focus on regenerative agriculture, our flour not only enhances your recipes but also supports responsible environmental practices. Join us in creating exceptional culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Whole White Wheat Flour

Our whole white wheat flour is 100% whole grain and stone-ground to provide the natural nutrition of traditional whole wheat with the taste and texture of white flour. It has a sweeter and milder flavor than whole wheat flour.

Whole Red Wheat Flour

Our whole red wheat flour is 100% whole grain and stone-ground to retain the natural nutrition of the grain and provide a rich, nutty flavor. It results in richer and heartier baked products vs. white flour.

Heirloom Wheat Flour

Our heirloom wheat flour has a finer texture than traditional whole wheat. Passed down through generations, it hasn’t been genetically modified or processed. It is 100% genuine stone ground and has a very rich and nutty flavor.

All-Purpose Flour

Our all-purpose flour is made with traditional hard white winter wheat. All-natural with no preservatives, our All-Purpose Flour provides superior flavor for your crusty artisan breads.

Rye Flour

Our whole rye flour is 100% whole grain and stone-ground, giving it a robust flavor and dense texture that is perfect for creating rustic breads, sourdoughs, and other baked goods.


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