Metropolitan Market

Farmer Direct Foods Joins Metropolitan Market

We’re excited to share that you can now find Farmer Direct Foods’ flours at Metropolitan Market, a top grocery chain in Seattle. This partnership brings together two companies that care about great food and doing good for the planet.

What makes our flour special? It all starts with our Kansas wheat farmers. These families have been growing wheat for generations using regenerative agriculture practices. This approach helps create healthier soil, which leads to better wheat and tastier flour.

But that’s not all. Our farmers also work hard to save water and capture carbon from the air. These practices are good for the environment and help fight climate change.

At Farmer Direct Foods, we handle everything from the farm to the store shelf. This means we can make sure our flour is top quality every step of the way. We’re proud that Metropolitan Market, known for finding the best foods, has chosen to carry our products.

Metropolitan Market has been bringing unique and delicious foods to Seattle for almost 50 years. They believe in letting customers try new things and find what they love. We think our flour fits right in with their idea of “Freedom of Taste.”

Whether you love to bake or just enjoy good bread, our flour can make a difference in your kitchen. You can feel good knowing that every bag of Farmer Direct Foods flour supports family farms and helps the environment.

Next time you’re at Metropolitan Market, look for Farmer Direct Foods in the baking aisle. Give it a try and taste the difference that regenerative farming can make!

We’re excited about this new chapter and can’t wait for you to experience our flour. Here’s to good food and a healthier planet!