Farmer Direct Foods Launches at Retail with Smart & Final

Fast growing regenerative flour brand chooses Smart & Final for retail launch

New Cambria, Kansas — Farmer Direct Foods, a leading producer of regeneratively-grown, whole grain flours, is proud to announce its launch in retail at Smart & Final grocery stores. 

Originally founded by a group of passionate Kansas wheat farmers, Farmer Direct Foods is committed to producing the highest quality, nutrient-rich flour using regenerative agricultural practices. These practices have been shown to improve soil health, capture carbon, and support biodiversity, all while producing delicious, nourishing food.

“We are thrilled to partner with Smart & Final to bring our regenerative flour to more people,” said Farmer Direct Foods Vice President of Strategy and Sales Hayley Eckert. “Our mission is to support a healthier planet and a healthier you, and we believe that everyone deserves access to nourishing, sustainably-grown food. Smart & Final’s commitment to supporting locally-sourced and sustainable brands makes this a great fit for Farmer Direct Foods. We are excited to offer Smart & Final shoppers our regeneratively-grown flours and to be a part of the regenerative agriculture movement.”

Customers can find Farmer Direct Foods’ whole white wheat and whole red wheat flours in the baking aisle at their local Smart & Final store. Eckert said that the company plans to continue its retail expansion across the west coast and also in other regions of the country next year.

About Farmer Direct Foods

Founded in 2022, Farmer Direct Foods produces premium, whole grain flours that are regeneratively farmed, ground, milled, and sold with intention and integrity. Our flours can be traced straight back to our wheat fields and are minimally processed to preserve the natural nutrition and complete character of the grain. At Farmer Direct Foods, we are leading a return to wholesome ingredients that are deeply flavorful and transcendently better, while also creating products that are good for consumers, farmers, and the earth. Learn more at www.farmerdirectfoods.com.