FDF and Strawberry Hill Craft a Povitica Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a momentous partnership between Farmer Direct Foods and world famous povitica maker Strawberry Hill Baking Company, a collaboration full of heritage and craftsmanship.

Strawberry Hill Baking Company, a cherished icon in Kansas City known for its mastery in producing poviticas, embodies a rich history dating back through multiple generations. Their journey began over a century ago when the great-great grandparents of Marc and Dennis O’Leary, the company’s stewards today, immigrated from Croatia to the United States. The family’s enduring legacy and commitment to handcrafting poviticas have been a cornerstone of their tradition.

Strawberry Hill Baking Company recently switched to Farmer Direct Foods’ locally-sourced, premium flours to make their iconic poviticas. This partnership represents not just a strategic business decision but a merging of shared values and a celebration of multigenerational legacies.

Farmer Direct Foods CEO Tim Webster expressed his profound admiration for this collaboration, stating, “The association with Strawberry Hill Baking Company signifies our dedication to supporting iconic artisan bakeries and fostering sustainable practices within our industry.”

Marc and Dennis O'Leary, Strawberry Hill Baking Company

Dennis, from Strawberry Hill, echoed their sentiment, “The decision to transition to Farmer Direct Foods was driven by our pursuit of higher quality, consistency, and the desire to support local sourcing.”

Explore all the delectable povitica products available this holiday season at Strawberry Hill’s website, www.strawberryhill.com. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with the perfect holiday gift of exquisite poviticas.