Farmer Direct Foods is Now Available at Balls Food Stores

Kansas-based regenerative flour brand available at select Hen House Market and Price Chopper locations across the Kansas City metro area

New Cambria, Kansas — Balls Food Stores is giving shelf space to a Kansas-based brand at the forefront of regeneratively-grown flour and grain products. Farmer Direct Foods, a leading producer of premium, whole grain flours, is now available at select Hen House Market and Price Chopper locations across the Kansas City metro area. 

Regenerative agriculture is a movement focused on farming and grazing practices designed to create a more sustainable and resilient food system that can support the long-term health of both the environment and the people who depend on it. Some benefits of regenerative agriculture include improved soil health, increased crop yields, and reduced reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Farmer Direct Foods’ regenerative practices also focus on improving the well-being of farmers and farming communities. The company utilizes a network of multi-generational Kansas farmers who adhere to a set of regenerative farming guidelines. In exchange for committing to these guidelines, Farmer Direct pays its farmers a premium for their crops and shares a portion of the company’s profits.

Farmer Direct Foods Vice President of Strategy and Sales Hayley Eckert says Balls Foods’ support is a sign that the regenerative agriculture movement is gaining momentum. “Hen House and Price Chopper have always been at the top of our list for potential retail partners,” said Eckert. “Their commitment to the national Buy Fresh Buy Local program and supporting Kansas farmers makes this partnership a natural fit, and we’re excited to see how the product performs on shelves. Consumers are telling us they are interested in supporting a more sustainable supply chain. We believe there’s a demand for a sustainable choice in the artisan baking category at Balls Food Stores and we’re thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking retailer.”

Farmer Direct Chairman and CEO Tim Webster says the company’s products are bringing ethical and sustainable production processes to larger markets through the partnership. 

“In addition to enabling our partners to offer premium local flour, it’s also important for us to be a valuable ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) resource,” said Webster. “Given the current state of climate change, we have an ethical responsibility to produce wheat and flour products sustainably and support our partners who share these values.”

Balls Food Stores is the second retailer in as many months to take on Farmer Direct Foods’ line of artisan flours. West Coast grocery chain Smart & Final launched Farmer Direct’s whole white wheat and whole red wheat flours in-store in November.

About Farmer Direct Foods

Founded in 2022, Farmer Direct Foods produces premium, whole grain flours that are regeneratively farmed, ground, milled, and sold with intention and integrity. Our flours can be traced straight back to our wheat fields and are minimally processed to preserve the natural nutrition and complete character of the grain. At Farmer Direct Foods, we are leading a return to wholesome ingredients that are deeply flavorful and transcendently better, while also creating products that are good for consumers, farmers, and the earth. Learn more at www.farmerdirectfoods.com.