Heirloom Wheat Flour


Our Heirloom Wheat Flour is made with Turkey Red Wheat, a heritage grain that predates modern breeding. Turkey Red arrived in the United States in the early 1870’s, brought to Kansas by Russian Mennonite farmers.

Expertly stone-ground to retain all the nutrients and protein, this flour boasts a robust “wheaty” flavor profile and a finer texture than traditional whole wheat flour. This makes it a healthier choice for your baked goods.

Additionally, many people find heirloom grains to be more easily digestible than conventional modern wheat.

Ideal for: sourdough, pizza dough, brownies, cookies, & more.

About Our FlourS

Our flours are exactly what we say they are — traced straight back to our farmers’ ancestral wheat fields and minimally processed to assure we preserve the natural nutrition, deep flavor and complete character of the grain.

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